Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Piping Engineer in Shipbuilding

This is my own opinion, you can agreed with me or not is up to us. : )

In shipbuilding industry a piping engineer distinguished become two branch.

1. Piping Design Engineer
Working under engineering department, main roles is to design pipe lines and make sure that other department get needed info to perform their job. The output will be isometric drawing, material take off, technical query, technical solution, classification society compliance issue.

2. Piping Construction Engineer
Working under construction department, main roles is to achieve targeted dateline and productivity, make sure that all the pipe work carried out is compliance to technical spec, class rules, issued drawing, Provide feed back to engineering department. The output will be work progress, field technical solution, material outstanding, manpower loading, pipes fabrication schedule.

Unlike on more established company, in small shipyard like us, one piping engineer will done almost all the scope of work from fabrication to pre-commissioning work.

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