Rabu, 06 April 2011

EPDM dan NBR seat

Berbagi bro... Siapa tahu ada yang membutuhkan..

Few days ago our company got a problem on one of our delivered supply vessels. We have a problem on the FO Cargo System. In this system all the valves are butterfly valves. I believe we know that on the butterfly valves the most important items is the rubber seat inside valves body that direct contact to the disc.

During operation the rubber seat is broken apart, after investigation we find that this caused by the EPDM seat material on the butterfly valves.

For your info :
1. NBR seat suitable for oil, air, water, cooling and heating fluid.
2. EPDM seat suitable for air and water only.

Because of this issue the ships was anchored in Brunei and we severe the repair cost as long as the investigation and repair sessions was conducted.

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